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Mandating water

These circulators, standard in most hotels, keep hot water flowing through the plumbing loop in a house all the time so that hot water is always available with almost no delay.

The problem with this approach is that you waste energy.

The effects of pipe diameter and flow rate aren’t quite so intuitive.

The smaller the diameter, the faster hot water will reach the tap.

The system is also available with an occupancy sensor—to automatically turn on the circulator pump when someone enters the bathroom, though this will lead to some waste since the circulator will operate whether or not hot water will be needed.

If you are developing in these areas, you will be required to provide recycled water to your development.

Recycled water is treated and delivered to customers through the third (purple) pipe system, and installation requires specific plumbing and building practices.

In addition to the long wait for hot water, all of the cooled-off water sitting in the pipe goes down the drain.

Nationally, there’s a huge amount of water wasted in this way.

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