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Recognition of Gain or Loss to Subsidiary if § 332 Does Not Apply to the Liquidation c. Liquidating Distribution to Preferred But Not to Common Stock - Spaulding Bakeries, Inc. Subsidiary Not Taxable if § 332 Applies to the Liquidation b.

Application of Collapsible Corporation Rules to Minority Shareholders 5. Tax Consequences to Liquidating Subsidiary of Distributions to Minority Shareholders 1. Subsidiary Liquidations Not Qualifying Under § 332 A. Application of § 267(f) to Transfers in Satisfaction of Debt 3. Subsidiary's Expenses in Redeeming Stock or in Liquidating 7. Consolidated Returns - Excess Loss Accounts and Other Issues 1. Succession to Income Tax Liabilities of Subsidiary's Former Consolidated Group 5. Treatment Upon Liquidation of Subsidiary of Parent's Previously Capitalized Cost of Acquiring Subsidiary 6. Inclusion of Transitory Subsidiary in Consolidated Return 4.

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Liquidations of Corporations Other than 80% Owned Corporate Subsidiaries a. Section 336 - Tax Consequences to the Liquidating Corporation c. Effect of Consolidated Return Rules on 80% Stock Ownership C.

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